Change of Identity

The Maremma exists in that we know that we live in it and that people come to visit it, but it seems to live a permanent identity crisis. When it comes to giving a definition to specific geographical areas, we prefer Area Vasta Toscana sud, USL n. 9 or Ex-Provincia di Grosseto or Southern Tuscany. Wikipedia does its best to map the Maremma, but it is vague about the boundaries and includes areas to the north and south that not all would include in the bundle. Let’s say. that the Maremma is more of a state of mind. It’s where the Maremmans live – like Brigadoon, it’s where you find it … if you find it.


This conference of Maremma.TV asks whether the Maremma should be happy with itself, or whether it requires a more formal identity, with some or all of the trappings of modern territorial governance. Can and should the imperviousness of the Maremma (and the Maremmans) resist the temptation to adjust to the whims of those who consider the Maremma as a holiday destination and little else?

Watch the conference at Le Peschiere in the website of Maremma.TV.