01 January 2017

A home from home

Over the last year, Le Peschiere (a large farmhouse in Tuscany) has taken on a new life as a meeting place for large and small groups.

On the one hand, it hosts conferences, concerts and other activities inside and outside. The large former barn has room for informal meetings of up to 50-60 people and an amphitheatre for around 200 in the park. On the other, guests come throughout the year for brief stays to visit the area, to take a dip at the nearby thermal springs or to get lost in the countryside.

The ideal guests are those who come for both. They use the house as a venue for their social, business or cultural events, but they choose the location because of the uniqueness of an historic farmhouse and its setting at the top of its own hill, surrounded by woodland, in rural Maremma in Southern Tuscany, a little more than an hour from Rome and its international airports.

Nonetheless it is also home to Richard and Margherita Harris, so what we offer is HnH. House and Harris. You have all the privacy you wish, but the added value is in all the Help we can provide. Help with catering and logistics, help with moderation and translation, help with the technology and communications.

For instance, Le Peschiere will play host to TEDxManciano on Sunday 19th March this year. It will be a small and intimate event, with speakers and spectators staying in the house over the weekend or in nearby farm accommodation. There will also be some Citizen Science in the form of walks in the woods organised with the Natural History Museum. And for this new year, a group of friends from all corners of Italy occupied the house for their annual get-together and private celebration.

So, if you’re looking for an intimate backdrop for a meeting of minds, for a gathering of the clan or for the recording of a record, perhaps we can help.

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