Italian cooking school

Hands on cooking classes with professional cooks and chefs. Indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.

It’s the Maremman take on Tuscan cooking. Handmade pasta in all shapes and sizes, sauces made with organic vegetables and tomatoes, and if there’s meat it’s likely to be the local Maremman beef or game – wild boar in particular. Not much in the way and salads though.

You can create with great pecorino from the local cheese factory, which also produces an excellent ricotta or whey cheese. You can learn how to turn it into a soup or a mousse, or how to bake it into a cake or use it as a substitute for eggs, cream, mayonnaise or even paneer in Indian recipes.

Courses can be made to measure, from two hours and eat what you make … to a whole week of cooking, tasting, visiting and perfecting.