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2019: ComPromised Land

Grosseto, 18-20 October 2019 - 2nd edition Programme

Conferences and special events to understand and tackle:
CLIMATE CHANGE, its impact on the territory and in particular on the Maremma, a fragile man-made land.

Conferences organised by the Maremma delle Idee

  • A climate of uncertainty: the known knowns, the unknown knowns and the unknown unknowns of climate change
  • Decision-making processes: managing the territory in the absence of adequate scenarios
  • Real Estate: risks, responses, investment, innovation
  • The Maremma: forecasts, plans, projects
  • Italy: criticalities, strategies, solutions
  • The planet: global collaboration, techno,ogies, leadership

Special events

  • Organised independently, but with guidelines to guarantee that the events are not aimed merely subject experts, that the contents are comprehensible to the general public and that there are opportunities for participation by the audience.
  • Organised by professional bodies, associations, pressure groups, research centres, public bodies, schools, universities, businesses and individuals
AMBITA 1st edition - 2018